What is Sealant ?

Sealant is the elastic filling compound used for the water-proof or other purposes applied to the welded or joint area between the structures including auto body, construction and civil work vehicles, agricultural vehicles and switchboards.
Sealant’s performance must be maintained for a long time which is applied for the purpose of enhancing hermetic function of the adhered structures and it is also required that the Sealant must have tough adherence to the objected components, compliant nature to the swelling, shrinking and moving objects and must maintain long durability against corrosion by exposure to the fluctuating heat, moisture and UV beam.
In the case of auto body fabrication, Sealant is applied to the chinks and seams of trunk lid, bonnet and door or steel plate so that it can prevent such auto parts from rusting by water penetration. Above all, auto body components are required to be compliant to movement since those parts should extremely swell, shrink and move as the car runs under severe surrounding conditions.
Solar ’s Sealants are widely used in the auto body repair industries because it is not easily peeled off nor torn off even when the joints of chinks and seams are widened ,deformed or cut since the product is successfully designed according to the materials dynamics.
Furthermore, Solar ’s Sealants are used not only in the auto bodies but also in the cabins of construction vehicle, agriculture vehicle, trunk lid of bus, welded joints of every kinds of specially equipped vehicles including fire fighting vehicles, ambulance cars and it is also used in the production lines for the purpose of water –proof adhesion of various kinds of chinks and seams of the products.