What is Putty?

Putty is a body filler applied to the surface of paint repair foundation of auto body. Application of putty enables to regain flat surface by means of spreading it on the bumpy, warping and pin-holed foundation and then sanding it after dried up and cured.
Major purpose of putty application is for achieving satisfactory adhesion of finish paint on the steel plate which has already been protected by and filled with the putty.
Since pigments are contained in large volume, Solar putty has superior filling performance and very good for filling in the deep scratch which primer surfacer cannot cope with.
Putty’s required performances are as follows. Namely;
1) Operability : smooth spreading with spatula, filling to depth, rapid drying and curing and easy sanding.
2) Finish touch: flatness (feather edge) and fine texture which does not absorb wet paint.
3) Durability : adherence to steel plate, water-proof, heat-resistance and weather-proof

Under unique mixture know-how and reliable evaluation technology, quality of Solar ’s putty is designed well balanced with such performances as mentioned above.
Other than auto body paint repair purpose, Solar ‘s putty is widely applied to the various paint foundation such as specially equipped vehicles including fire fighting car and waste collecting car, industrial vehicle including folk lift, train car, bus, lorry, machine tools, construction machinery, ships, elevator, and switchboard.
Our putty is further applied in the production process of the plastic products including systematized kitchen, lap top computer, helmet, plastic models and wooden products including furniture and musical instruments.
Solar’s major putties are made from unsaturated polyester resin. Putty consists of 2 components including putty base made from unsaturated polyester resin and talcum powder, and the other is hardener made from organic peroxide and plasticizer. Both components are paste type and so easy to mix them up. Usually its mixture ratio is 100 : 2 〜3.
There is a way to classified putty according to its application and operation process.
Other than 2 components-resin type putty, 2 components epoxy resin type putty, and 1 component acrylic resin type putty (curing with visible light beam) are produced and supplied to the marketplace. From the view point of transportation, both 2 components of putty base and hardener are classified as dangerous cargo of class No.5 by the UN authority. Therefore, when the overseas customers enquire us as to exportation from Japan, we should carefully discuss with shipping companies and forwarders as to safe and legal transportation out from Japan to overseas countries.